Become an Arts Street Sponsor

In 2004 Arts Street received the Coming Up Taller Award from the President’s Committee on the Arts Corporate Sponsorships to Better the Community.

Arts Street is a Denver, Colorado based non–profit 501 (c)(3) organization that creates opportunities for the youth of Colorado. The opportunities provided are designed to foster the inspiration and education of these youth to become tomorrow’s professionals – supporting the workforce needs.

 Corporations are changing the way they view their charitable donations. Most appear to want to closely align donations with their business objectives, such as the environment. Others see the direct link if their community is safe and prosperous to putting the company in a better position to: be an appealing location for job prospects; reduce employee turnaround; increase competitive strength; and custom build a qualified workforce.

Also, to stay competitive, corporations are becoming more stringent with hiring, requiring job seekers to have qualifications and education matching their specific needs, such as finding creative ways to solve business problems. And, due to diminishing budgets and attempts to increase profitability, companies are pushing for innovations in saving: time, human resources, and finances.

“Creativity is a strategic competitive weapon” — Dr. Roger Firestien, who writes and speaks about creativity at work.

Sponsors can participate in these ways:

Award a Youth Scholarship in an Explorer program: $350 Provide for Youth Wages in a Customer Project Team ; $1,000 Support an existing Arts Street Program ; $2,500 Design a Customized Program with Arts Street (Please contact the director of Arts Street to custom design a program that addresses your specific industry demands and workforce development challenges).

Become A Sponsor! Thank you!