Art Map

Arts Street@YEA Around Denver


Start your YEA tour at the Osage Café, our youth culinary training incubator (#1), to fuel your day. Then head out to see amazing art that Arts Street@YEA youth have created all around Denver. While you are traveling, listen to the award-winning YEA Journey2Unity podcast at
1. Osage Café, 1099 Osage St.
2. Arts Street Studio mosaic mural, 1079 Osage
3. DHA Headquarter’s banners, 1035 Osage St.
4. Utility box, 10th and Navajo
5. Ground Mural, 11th and Navajo
6. LaAlma/Lincoln Park playground mural, 11th and Mariposa
7. Fence mural, 10th and Mariposa
8. Renegade Brewing Company mural, 925 W 9th Ave.
9. New Freedom Park mural, 8806 E. 13th Ave.
10. Mural, DHA Sun Valley Opportunity Center (on columns), 990 Alcott Way
11. Arts Street silhouettes, Federal and W. Holden Pl.
12. Garage door mural, 7015 W. 16th Ave.
13. Utility boxes in Highlands Ranch
Map design by Arts Street intern, Blaine Johnson