About Us

Arts Street is a creative industries training program under the Youth Employment Academy  that creates opportunities for the young people of Colorado. The opportunities provided are designed to nurture and inspire the education of these youth, cultivating them to become tomorrow’s professionals and use their creativity to support the workforce needs. This is achieved by developing and implementing highly diversified career-based educational programs that incorporate real-world learning, artistic expression, and creative thinking. Creative job training is what Arts Street does, currently emphasizing the function technology plays in expanding communication.

21st Century businesses around the world need a workforce that can creatively solve problems. Arts Street developed its programs based on this need. The program is designed around teaching creative, critical thinking to under-served youth, particularly those who may not connect well with traditional educational process, particularly inner city youth who do not have the financial or social support to succeed.

The program is: sequential, and year-round; art-based, while integrating science, technology, engineering and math; providing employment for young adults from 14-26 year-old; helping to build confidence and skills; and positioning youth for future professions

By using hands-on experiences, core academics, visual arts, music, theatre, dance, video, graphics and web technologies, Arts Street participants are given a chance to discover how their creativity can lead to a career and a rewarding life.

Arts Street has opened so many doors for me and I see myself going nowhere but UP!

— Kiawa, a Visual Informatics Graduate

I get to do what I love and get paid for it.

— a youth apprentice at Arts Street