Posted by Jessica Latinović on February 14, 2018 in AncestryDNAIn The Community

What if knowing your history could give you a greater sense of confidence and inspire your direction in life?

“The project was made to be liberating, eye-opening, and informative…an effort to spark interest in individuals to discover their heritage and to learn more about the history of their origins.”
— Thomas Evans

Following the success of They Still Live in 2017, artist Thomas Evans wanted to make an impact on his Denver community by inviting young adults to explore their heritage through art, poetry, and photography.

The evolution of Thomas’ exhibit turned into We Still Live, a community-based art project collaboration with Arts Street@YEA, professor and African art collector Paul Hamilton, and Denver gang prevention programs. The program offers a positive alternative for youth to counter negative influences by exploring self-identity and cultural heritage through art.

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