Janey Le’s Story

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¨I think its in a teenagers nature to be awkward, and that’s how I’ve always been. I’ve always been scared to talk to kids, or adults for that matter. Here at Arts Street I learnt that if you step out of your comfort zone and just be yourself, then the friends you make along the way you’ll have for a really long time. That has been my favorite thing about Arts Street so far; bonding with people that are completely different to me and have other skills and have other hobbies. I really liked working with all these people.

 It’s not really a business its a contribution to the community. It’s kids making their mark all around Denver, showing the community that not all teenagers are bad! We can contribute to the public with these things that we make with just our two bare hands. Its absolutely amazing. It’s not just something these kids come in everyday to just get paid, but to work with others and know their contribution is going to help a lot


The American Way mural… the reaction people have that come to the market every day, is priceless! One guy who drove by donated $100 to us, it made us all feel really good, it made us feel confident about our artwork and how powerful it is!
The biggest challenge was stepping out of my comfort zone. I’ve done so many things that I’ve never done before, that I’ve never thought about doing before! It was a really good thing for me to step out of my comfort zone because I have learnt all these new things and I have new hobbies that I can do with these skills I have learned.

Something about Arts Street just gives you a reason to come back. Its going to be hard to leave… but we’ll be coming back during the school year to help working on the totem project. But it will be hard not to see these people everyday, because spending at least 4 hours a day with them… it’s created this bond that you can’t walk away from so easily.¨