Improving the Web for Arts Street

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Mid-way view of our awesome Web Content Team Job:

Web Content Building TeamAt the recent Friends of Arts Street retreat, board member Paula Lee suggested that since Arts Street cultivates creative people with job training in technology and other jobs of tomorrow, Arts Street’s use of technology should be cutting edge.

I’m your part-time Communications and Marketing person, and so I felt responsible for this challenge to improve our use of technology. But we’re a nonprofit, and nonprofits don’t have a lot of money to spend on webdesign, in fact, I designed it on WordPress so that we could democratically add content and wouldn’t have to pay someone.  And I didn’t want to charge too much for design and techy updates.

Paula gave me the idea that we should test our newest Team Job/Internship ideas, laid out in our recently completed 5-year development plan, by forming a team to work on making cutting-edge cool.

The team we assembled has been so hard working, they barely look up to know it’s closing time.  Just as I’m recognizing their aptitude for certain facets, they have each pro-actively suggested a project they want to tackle. And everyone is finding ways to work together, and best use each other’s skills.

Effective Web Content Building TeamKaitlyn is organizing and editing the dozens of videos Arts Street participants have made and stored on YouTube – or sitting in storage on CDs. She’s getting all of these up and accessible, with appealing UI – user interface.

Brandon is studying computer science at the University of Denver, and he is incredibly valuable in this department, but he’s volunteered to work with Perri to give us an edge in the style department. Look for nice changes in small places that make more pleasant to visit.

Alexander is making a front page animation that will graphically explain Arts Street. Leslie is pushing hard for cool photo galleries. Brett is our go-to guy for structure and we’re going to exploit his photography skills, too.

Basic training of the WordPress site started October 1 with each team member creating a post of an interview with another intern, and you can find these in our Team Job news section. We’ll update them at the end of the Team Job, so feel free to come back and read more.

As always, let us know how we’re doing and what we can do better. Send us an email, if there is information you want that we’ve forgotten to include.

This fall we’re moving forward fast,