Interview with Brandon

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Well, this interview is an “ice breaking” project that Arts Street had their new editing crew work on. As of late the Arts Street group has been giving many opportunities to young teens in the community. I have been very fortunate to have been picked up by the group as an editor. The person assigned for me to interview was Mr. Brandon Tenorio.

Brandon hanging out with the grew.

Brandon hanging out with the crew.

So … there’s this guy named Brandon, and I sit next to him at work. He is 22 years of age and graduated from Columbine High School. He was born in Denver Colorado. He enjoys playing video games, making websites and playing soccer, which he’s played for eleven years.

—written by Demarius


Editors Note: Brandon worked with the Web Content Team in the fall of 2012. His was the first crew hired to work on web design projects at the new Arts Street Accelerator. By the end of the job, the team have made several improvements to the Arts Street websites. Brandon added features that allow us to add forms to our pages, and he designed a custom template for the Media page that we can also use to build more second tier landing pages.
Brandon was studying computer science at the time, and so coding was his natural interest, and learning how to work within the WordPress framework did at to his skill set. But importantly, Brandon puts his comfort zone by working with students who were making graphics, videos and learning to use Photoshop.