A review of Bookmaking Class

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Within the array of learning opportunities that Arts-Street offers, several are open to a-typical students. Recently, Arts-Street hosted a book making class giving typical and a-typical student the opportunity to create their book. Following is a brief review of an a-typical students experience:

Terry, who is a web designer, and part-time Arts Street instructor, said the class started with two pieces of book board and a stack of paper. With the passing of nearly 2 hours, they finished an individual book, hand made to be used to create whatever was desired, journal, notes, what have you. Terry explained that she, prior to starting the class, had been interested in creating a book but never ended up with anything but a “glued up mess”. Throughout the class, she learned the proper technique in gluing the paper — keeping it on the right side of the book board. After she completed the class, her book was, as she explained, “really nice”. The cover was a green and gold design, the back cover was a green that matched the front with alternating yellow and white pages filling it. Completed, Terry, plans to fill the pages with poetry to give as a gift.