An Interview With Bret Bonner

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October 1st, 2012

Hello, everyone! I’m Perri, and today was my first day at Arts Street as a Content Builder for the Arts Street website. Upon arriving for my first day of work, we were introduced to each other and asked to partner up and do interviews. I met one of my fellow co-workers, Bret Bonner, for this interview:

Photo of Bret Bonner, by Perri Berggren

Who are you?

I’m Bret. I’m 17 years old, and I’m a gamer. Technology is my passion.

What is your career plan?

I’d like to development games, maybe join the Air Force as a computer technician or strategist.

Where did you first hear about Art Street?

I heard about it through Career Education Center (CEC).  I also need to make enough money for Christmas in order to go to Norway.

Where do you want to be?

My dream is to have a summer home in Alaska, and a winter home in Colorado.

When did you get interested?

My dad had an Nintendo 64 when I was little. That was the greatest! That’s where I got started. I was six at the time.

Why stay with your career plan?

The motivation to be the best, I guess. And to be able to take care of a family, and be the best I can be for whoever needs it.

–written by Perri

Editors Note: Bret worked with the Web Content Team in the fall of 2012. His was the first crew hired to work on web design projects at the new Arts Street Accelerator. By the end of the job, the team have made several improvements to the Arts Street websites. Bret edited the structure of the site, making sure there was a consistent hierarchy, menus where we needed menus, and created and uploaded a site plan. Bret is also responsible for the great image of the Arts Street Accelerator that we use on the front page.