Kyira’s Story

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Inter-generational Video Project:

Employing Youth to Tell the Stories of Neighborhood Elders


DENVER – I worked on the ‘’When I was 14” project where we interviewed seniors that live in the new Tapiz building at 1099 Osage, where Arts Street is located. During these interviews we would ask the residents about what it was like when they first went to high school- what was it like when you were 14? – and were they nervous about going to school, what did they do for fun and other questions to create a picture of their experience.

We used a Sony HDV Handycam to shoot the video, but used  a lavaliere mic and the application, garage band, to capture sound because the mic on the cameras pick up other noise.  My role in the project was to help set up where we were going to do the interviews and help develop questions to ask the seniors. We would switch positions for each interview we would do.

My experience at Art Street was fun. I learned how to make videos and edit them using Final Cut.  I also learned how to turn a regular picture of yourself into a cartoon picture  and learned how to animate them using the Adobe application After Effects.  We used Adobe Photoshop to edit the pictures to make them into cartoons.