Mural Painting at Denver Health and First Friday Artwalk on Santa Fe

DENVER – Join Arts Street, Friday, Sept. 7, as we will start two more large, movable murals and send love and strength on a big canvas to the victims of the Aurora theater tragedy. The public is invited to help paint during the First Friday Art Walk in the Santa Fe Arts District, which will take place at 733 Santa Fe, just north of Su Teatro, from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

This mural is being made in collaboration with the harm Reduction Action Center, and with the international organization Art Miles.

“We use acrylic paints to make the artwork, and physical work to engage people in the process of recovery,” said Stella Yu, from Arts Street, who is one of the Denver connections of Art Miles.  For years, she has been responding to Ambassador Joanne Tawfilis’ call to help people all over the world address Peace, Unity & Healing through mural painting.

“Armed with canvas, paints and brushes, we activate the community to spend a few hours together, and let the power of art unite us, share goodwill and build strength together, world wide.  It’s non-challenging, magical and green,” Yu said.

In August, Arts Street worked with students at Montbello junior and senior high schools to make the first of this series of murals for Aurora. On Friday, we are also working with the staff and supporters of Denver Health, who were intimately involved in caring for some of the victims.

Other groups in the International Art Miles network are joining in similar mural making projects to honor the Aurora victims and to share their collective strength.