Contribute before September 30, 2012 and the Beanstalk Foundation will match your donation.

Today, the challenge begins to raise $1,000 by the end of September, to fund a project to make Art Murals at the Youth Detention Center at Mount View.

Arts Street contributes to 13th & Osage Mural

The 100-foot mural at 13th and Osage

It’s hard for youth in residential facilities – detention centers – like Mount View to get out to take part in programs. With some difficulty, one student, who has now graduated from high school and was released, worked on the enormous Film Strip Mural at 13th and Osage streets.  When asked, Arts Street has worked with the juvenile justice system on many projects including a video production classes called Media Squad where students learned to make professional-looking videos, and happened to tell their stories and talk about the future.

Now, the Mount View would like Arts Street to come to them and help the residents make murals for their bare walls. Students and instructors will work together in the fall of 2012 to design and paint these — if the Beanstalk Grant Challenge is successful.

The idea behind the mural started with Mount View teacher Lauren diFolco, who teaches life skills, and has done several hand-on learning projects. She has seen how powerful the arts can be: to give kids a sense of accomplishment, a taste of success and a positive part of their identity. Working in a team helps build other life skills as well.

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In September, the Beanstalk Foundation website will feature the details of a project to create murals for the Mount View Youth Center, and allow contributors at donate.  Before then, one can still view the project, but not yet contribute. Check it Beanstalk Foundation.