Arts Street Mural Completed

The Limit Has No Sky, is the title of the completed mural outside the Arts Street Accelerator

YES! The mural is done —  24 hrs ahead of schedule!  The Team worked in 102 degrees heat and sun without a whine and installed a fantastic, creative expression of peace in Denver and Colorado. The team and arts street supporters named the mural ‘The Limit has No Sky.”

This unique mosaic mural was unveiled June 26, during the last hour of the youth employment project that was created to finished the exterior look of the new Arts Street headquarters at 1070 Osage St. in Denver.

The team was assembled this spring and began work April xx. After 762 hours of planning, drawing and chipping tiles – creating about 10,982 pieces – the team began installing the hummingbird, columbine and other symbols of peace on Saturday, June 16. Volunteers joined the team, working outside, in very difficult and extremely hot conditions.

See more images of the project:  Mosaic Mural Gallery.