Name that Mosaic

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Join us Saturday June 16th – 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. –

Installation and Naming of the MOSAIC MURAL

Mosaic Mural nearly ready for install

Come help on Saturday June 16, to install and name the new mural at the Arts Street Accelerator, 1079 Osage, Dnever

  • 762 hours of planning, drawing and chipping.
  • 10,0982 pieces of tile
  • The mosaic mural is finally ready for installation outside the new Arts Street Accelerator at 1079 Osage St., Denver.


Please come and lend our youth team a hand. And a name. We’ll installl the finished mural and decide what it should be called, so bring a pair of work glove, hats and we’ll provide food and music.


Arts Street Team