Thanks to all our friends, volunteers and donors – big and small

Donation by Name on brick
Stella’s Family Yu Look-Yau
CH2M Hill Foundation CH2M Hill Foundation
Fortune, Sheila Sheila Fortune
Kaus, Norman MCC Construction
Steve & Susan Philip J. Steele Arts Edu Fdn
Simas, Rita United Launch Alliance
Wehler, Robert Robert Wehler
Greene, Sara Sara Greene
Art District on Santa Fe Art District on Santa Fe
Shippey, John & Elisabeth John & Elisabeth Shippey
Steele, Steve Steve Steele
Simas, Rita Rita Simas
Safe City Walt Beckert
Ramos, Rick
Peterson, Kellie Unseen Denver
Mike Hestera YMCA
Lynn Waldorf Griffin Center for Inspired Instruction
Benton, Edgar Edgar Benton
Richason, Austin Richason Family
Smith, Donna Rodney J. Smith
Kayla Ferguson Keith & Susan Ferguson
Fusionbox, Inc. Fusionbox
Hughes, Ernest/Myrna Hipp Ernest Hughes
Artthur Sanchez Melinda Yeary
Wunder, Sharon Sharon Wunder
Wellen, Ira Ira Wellen
Wellen, Ira Kathy D’angelo & Chappy
Sweeney, Dee Harp for Healing
Stanford, Gully Gully Stanford
Spelke, Chris Chris Spelke
Simonson, Phillip Chocolate lab
Rudel, Jeremy Ping
O’Connor, Trish Trish O’Connor
Miller, Jay Jay Miller
McCarthy, Jerome McCarthy Family
Maloney, Sarah Sarah Maloney
Mackie, Lee Lee Mackie
Macdonald, Jedeane Jedeane Macdonald
Mac, Elizabeth Elizabeth Mac
London, Jean Ben Griggs
Jaffe, Ian Ian Jaffe
Hughes, Ernest Myrna Hipp
Hill, Mira Mira Hill
Gill, Ted Ted Gill
Galvin, Emma Emma Galvin
Farris, Pamela Pamela Farris
Farer, Tom Tom Farer
Farer, Mika Mika Farer
Eberle-Smith, Karen Karen Eberle-Smith
Dubas, Lisa Lisa Dubas
Crangle, Kimball Kimball Crangle
Crangle, Kimball Tim Hoppin
Brayer, Britt Britt Bayer
Baker, Baker Gold Crown Foundation Enrichment Programs
Bagge, Marianna Eine Bagge
Bagge, Marianna Marianna Bagge
Bagge, Marianna Oiva Bagge
Bagge, Marianna Olli Bagge & Anne Stout
Bagge, Marianna Ulla & Maurie Baston
Agnew, Jennifer Jennifer Agnew
Steele, Craig & Diane Diane & Craig Steele
Smith, Warren & Terri Two for the Show Auctions
Sanchez, Arthur Yeary, Melinda
Ferguson, Sue Sue Ferguson
Arts Street Shirley Farnsworth
Foundations Rose Community Foundation
City of Denver
Colorado Creative Industry



Because of your support, Arts Street has marched up to a new level.


All of us care about ensuring that creative kids today, especially those who have no means to advance, will have the chance to join the smart workforce of tomorrow.


Everyone at Arts Street