Finding the volume of the skull – math skills through sculpture.

Arts Street has a new studio, called the Creative Accelerator, at 1079 Osage Street.

This studio is fully furnished for video, interactive web and traditional art classes. Artists, teachers, mentor-types: please think about what you could offer to the Arts Street community.  We have three types of classes we offer in the Accelerator: workshops where students can explore a topic in the arts, communication or technology fields; sequential classes that met at a certain time, for a number of sessions in which students can develop skills to a deeper level than the workshops; and a three type of project that we call Team Jobs.  Team Jobs are paid internships for a selected group of students who will perform a task for a specific client, whether it be mural painting or website design.

Please feel free to contact Arts Street if you have any type of class idea, or a project that you would like to allow students to complete for you.