Chocolate by Phil Simonson of

Chocolate Lab of Denver is making the CANVAS; artist Bill Gian is going to make the PAINTING to celebrate the opening of Arts Street’s creative ‘Accelerator’ workshop space at 1079 Osage in Denver. The opening reception with food, wine, music by Arts Street alumni and the live Chocolate Painting happens Thursday April 26. All Arts Street supporters are welcome to this open house from 6 to 8 p.m.

Painting by Bill Gian

Phil Simonson of Chocolate Lab is intent on making the most delicious truffles – anywhere – and right now he’s located in Denver, and selling custom boxes of truffles by phone, the web and at the Curious Theater and a few other select locations. Chocolate Lab is the culmination of 8 years of experiments to make the perfect truffles and a 4-year partnership to bring them to anyone who loves chocolate, and Phil has graciously agreed to use his high quality ingredients and creative taste genius to invent a canvas and the ‘chocolate’ paint for this special event.

Bill Gian has a reputation as an artist – but also as a performer. He makes paintings come alive before the eyes of his audience.  For the Arts Street Grand Opening – Open House – he will further engage his audience by letting them eat his production and others to bid for the privilege of taking a canvas home and eating it later.

Gian’s work has been represented at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, The New York Museum of American Folk Art, The Denver Art Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and galleries in Zurich, Caracas, New York, Los Angeles, Breckenridge and Denver. He helped the Buffalo, New York chapter of Cancer Research raise money by making a similar culinary artwork. Gian, is also a member of Friends of Arts Street, the board of directors for this nonprofit organization, and is happy to use his talents to help.


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