Colorado Creative Careers Festival 2/24/2012, King Center, Auraria Campus

50 Ways to Everything: How to Develop Creativity & Strategic Thinking :

How many ways did the ‘Angry Birds’ fight their enemies after their eggs were stolen? Are we going to still sit on our hands when 150 years of industrialism has brought on rapid climate changes?  What about other local or global uncertainties that we’re faced with related to resources, safety, and governance, where we’ll need creative know-how to survive and thrive?  Don’t panic!  If you want to figure out how to address such problems (and maybe even solve some of them), try this hands-on fun workshop using a simple process and strategy.  (And there is no test at the end!) (20 students)

Time(s):75 mins

Sessions 9:45-11:00  & 11:15-12:30


(10 mins)       Introduction: Age, interest


(5 mins)         Excuses you used when you did not complete your homework or late


(10 mins)       How many ways you can use a paper clip?

Supplies – paper clip, pencil, ruled notebook paper


(5 mins)         Dot voting – 3 dots each


(15 mins)       View: The Divided Brain by Iain McGilchrist


(5 mins)         Form teams of six and formally work on the usage of paper clips


A program on the PBS program Nova about 3D spy planes in WWII

(5 mins)         Share


(10 mins)       Form teams of two and informally expand on the creative usage of paper clips

Supplies – 2.5” x 3.5” artists’ cards, gel pens


(5 mins)         Trade

Music: Paul Simon,  50 Ways to Leave Your Lover


PBS NOVA Video, on NOVA Beta site, Full Episodes

3D Spies of WWII   Preview:

Full Movie can be viewed on YouTube 53:07


During World War II, Hitler’s scientists developed terrifying new weapons of mass destruction. Alarmed by rumors of advanced rockets and missiles, Allied intelligence recruited a team of brilliant minds from British universities and Hollywood studios to a country house near London. Here, they secretly pored over millions of air photos shot at great risk over German territory by specially converted, high-flying Spitfires. Peering at the photos through 3D stereoscopes, the team spotted telltale clues that revealed hidden Nazi rocket bases. The photos led to devastating Allied bombing raids that dealt crucial setbacks to the German rocket program and helped ensure the success of the D-Day landings. With 3D graphics that recreate exactly what the photo spies saw, NOVA tells the suspenseful, previously untold story of air photo intelligence that played a vital role in defeating the Nazis.

Published: December 15, 2011



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