The Story of Ratha and Bimmer

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Obama Mural 2008

Mural painting by Ratha and Bimmer,  2008

Two Arts Street students Ratha Sok and Bimmer Torres were honored for their social entrepreneurship and innovation at the 4th Annual Fire Within Dangerous Minds Conference, produced by Regis University. One of three recipients of the New Ventures award, the two students presented the story of their business, 2KoolHats.

“Risk innovation and multi-generational leadership are the unique themes of our event,” said Sally Spenser Thomas, conference coordinator, and Director of Leadership Development Programs for the university, which includes presentations by business leaders, educators and others who “demonstrate the innovative processes at different places along the way.” 

“What Bimmer and Ratha are doing is totally in line with what this conference is about  — taking things in different directions for the betterment of the common good,” Spenser-Thomas said.  “We asked them to share the universal qualities of their experience, to inspire other people,” she continued.

Torres and Sok have been participating in Arts Street programs since they were students at West High School. Creating a small business, finding a job in the arts, or being creative members of the work force are all directions that Arts Street’s training programs can take students.